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Microphysiological Systems

Aims and Scope

It has been increasingly realized that the conventional planar cell cultures and the animals do not necessarily reproduce human physiology in vitro due to their limited structural and functional complexity and the genetic difference, respectively, oftentimes leading to inaccurate prediction of drug, chemical, and toxin effects as well as biased outcomes of biological investigations. Miniaturized physiological systems are therefore proposed as alternative platforms that are anticipated to bridge the gap between currently available models and the human body. The Journal Microphysiological Systems (Microphysiol Syst; MPS; Online ISSN 2616-275X) aims to provide latest insights and updates on the developments of in vitro tissue and organ models that can be used for applications ranging from biological studies to areas such as regenerative engineering, organs-on-chips, pharmaceutical screening, nanomedicine, and environmental toxicology.

Microphysiological Systems coverage includes but is not limited to:

  • Scaffolding approaches for organoid cultures
  • Biofabrication strategies based on e.g. microengineering and bioprinting for generating complex, functional organoids
  • Advanced microfluidics and on-chip technologies for integrating dynamic microenvironments
  • Multi-organ systems that enable inter-tissue interactions
  • Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics studies
  • Scaling laws that translate the human system into the miniaturized systems
  • Computational methods for guiding model designs
  • Personalized medicine using stem cells
  • Disease modeling
  • Bioanalysis methods for monitoring organoid responses
  • Big data analyses of microphysiological systems


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